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IQxCloud ServicesWhat it is, how it works

The IQxCloud patent pending SaaS platform delivers exceptional elearning and user friendly eMentoring services on-demand. IQxCloud faithfully models who, what, when, where and how-much information and how, why, and what-if knowledge and delivers that knowledge on-demand across the globe - in the-heat-of-battle. Agile Global Organizations gain Knowledge Superiority. Acquire. Win.

IQ BuilderBatch and automated knowledge acquisition


Scaling the hurdle from thought to machine code. A component of IQxCloud services, IQ Builder allows non-programming professionals to faithfully model the concepts and ideas that underlie every organization. IQ Builder bridges the "linguistic-semantic gap," enabling machines to function as partners with people. Join the revolution. IQxCloud.

IQ BrowserDelivering agile global business solutions


Enter the endless world of ideas that are constrained by ontological commitments. From search to knowing. Content displays according to content type and structure, from broad hierarchical compositions and taxonomies to interactive dependencies. Users gain knowledge access with self-paced eLearning and in "the heat of battle." Use. Explore. Discover. Learn.

IQ GrammarUser-friendly grammar for complex modeling by non-programmers

Experience the power of translating organizational knowledge into highly useable eLearning, eMentoring knowledge stores. If you are a knowledge engineer, subject expert, business analyst, or instructional designer, the IQxCloud service platform is for you. Solve knowledge complexity, experience the freedom of unified data integration across silos and functions. Apply. Succeed.

IQ AnalyticsQuantitative, distribuitive, predictive analytics

As problem elements and variables increase, so do complexities of analytical problems. What are the trade-offs, impacts, outcomes or consequences of situations and circumstances? IQxCloud services brings it together to automate reasoning processes across knowledge stores that define solutions and options. Increase efficiency, performance, and profitability. IQxCloud.

Endless Knowledge AssetsKnowledge has value

knowledge assets

Data is static. It requires people to give it meaning and purpose. Knowledge is a`priori, and knows. The IQxCloud service platform explicitly represents the concepts and ideas that are used within agile business organizations and delivers that knowledge on-demand. IQxCloud services make sense to end users. It solves the problem, "what do I need to know, if I don't know what it is that I need to know."

What They Say

quote  "Whether you can observe a thing or not depends on the theory which you use. It is the theory which decides what can be observed."

by: Albert Einstein, Physciist

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